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Lever Action Conversions

These barrel conversion are done on leveraction rifles (i.e., WIN. 94, Marlin 336's) to increase the rate of twist and change calibers if desired. Improved accuracy shooting cast bullets is the end result.  The conversion also allows the chamber specifications to be tightened adding to the effective power of popular saddlegun calibers.

Custom Barrel with Standard Sights -


Octagon Barrel -                                               add


Custom Sights & Hardware -

(Quote Only)

Pistol Grip to Straight Grip with Standard Wood -


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FullOctagonStraightStock.jpg (34585 bytes)

.50 Alaskan


unmatched power from your
WINCHESTER, BROWNING 71's, and 1895's and 336 MARLIN's

Large Frame Leveraction Conversions available in the following custom calibers -

.50 Alaskan -


.38-56 Winchester -  


.33 Winchester -


(full length magazine tube included)

Any caliber with tapered octagon barrel or half-round octagon barrel    
Add - $400.00

(RUGER NO.1 conversions also available in above calibers)

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.38-56 Conversion
StainlesAlaskan.jpg (35183 bytes)
Stainless .50 Alaskan

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Work in Progress

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